New Home - Quick Tips To Help You Get Started

29 Jun

Firstly I can't emphasize enough, how your new home should make you feel. For me it is a place I retreat to it is the end of the day, cocooned by the things I love. Decorating a new home takes times and often feels like an overwhelming experience.

COLOR: Color can transform a room. For me I love Darker hues, inky, intoxicating, beautifully timeless I can't go on about them enough. Find colors that make you happy& relaxed and be confident on using them.

SOFA: On the subject of furniture make sure invest in a decent sofa. Think about to space you have & you want to indulge in a generous sofa or just somewhere you can snuggle into with a good book Trust me when it comes to book it always makes your place look attractive and decent. For me it's a place I often take a nap, have a cozy chat and snuggle up in front of the TV. Your furniture is where you can choose to break rules & make statement with rich textures & fabrics. The easy way to revamp the table is to change the vase, blooms, scents, new bags, books. And you can use faux and switch to faux's. It will make your area look & feel totally different.

LIGHTING: It is the second most transformation thing you can do to a space. I'm obsessed with lighting. It can add depth, highlight, draw the eye- it really is a dark art- well a light art really. There are three types of lighting:

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent

  Just remember to always strive to have 3 types of lighting in a room to create layers & oodles of personality. But don't overlook lighting reason being it creates such mood & ambience whether that's adding another table lamp or a pedant. Beautiful focal points can be created through lighting. After all its all yours.