Why Open Plan Workspaces are Trending

11 Mar

Open-plan workplace spaces do not have cubicles for employees to work in; they rather utilise undivided space for employees to work and collaborate. They usually have rows of desks and areas that momentarily change the locale for them - like lounges, recreational spaces, meeting nooks and open kitchens. The advocates of this model would agree that it provides a breath of fresh air, against the traditional cubicle models of working where everyone is busy in their own worlds and an official conversation requires meeting rooms. But that is just one from a long list of benefits. Lately, these kinds of workplaces are on the rise.

Reasons to go for open place workspace

Although the choice between an open office or a traditional one should depend on factors like the type of business, the open-plan offices are certainly trending. Why is that and what is the benefit of such workplaces? Read on to find out.

Reduced costs

There are several obvious benefits of open spaces like cost savings, but some of the ways this happens could take you by surprise. For instance, it is easy to imagine that the business saves a lot when fewer installations are required; however, it is also noticeable that the upkeep costs also go down significantly. There are reductions in equipment required to set up the area and most resources can be shared between all the employees.


Moreover, when the company decides to remodel the area, it can be easily accomplished. There is no need for all-around removal of cubicles and walls; it only requires replacing one thing with another. There are large areas virtually free from clutter, which means any kind of interior design can be easily set-up and removed.

The uninterrupted flow of ideas

Steve Jobs once famously said, ‘Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom, they happen in corridors’. Open spaces foster much better collaborative efforts than individualised cubicles. Teammates can simply turn around and talk to each other and it becomes much easier to exchange ideas. Organised meetings, just for the sole purpose of brainstorming, can be reduced because, well, brainstorming happens much more unconsciously.


Trendsetting tech companies like Google, Apple and Amazon took a step further and got entertainment facilities like media rooms, ping-pong tables and so on in their open space offices. This is being perceived as a huge help in relaxing the minds and help them work better.

Better collaboration

Most of the times when multiple teams collaborate on a single project, there are countless meetings required to pass the information between hierarchical structures. With open spaces, this burden tends to reduce – everyone is available on the same, boundaryless roof! It is an interesting fact that open office workspace was in trend before the era of cubicles. However, some companies took it to the extreme and over-crowd certain areas with employees, causing resentment in the staff and significantly lower production. If the lessons from these cases are learnt, open workplaces can do wonders.


If you aim at building stronger, collaborative teams that work in unison, an open plan is a no-brainer. For businesses like marketing or PR firms that thrive on effective engagement between employees, open-air workspaces can be great motivators. On the other hand, for law firms or agencies that handle government-outsourced work, the traditional, cubicle focused approach may work better because of the privacy requirements involved in the day to day activities. 

Effective communication

Companies spend a lot of time and resources on establishing effective communication between its employees spread across multiple departments. An open space office reduces the red tapes and formalities around this. The communication between employees gets faster, easier and more resourceful.


In organisations where hierarchy is a taboo, effective communication cannot be achieved just through boardroom meetings or emails. Open spaces give the employees better visibility and face to face, informal contact with their superiors, which in turn leads to more open conversations. This is especially helpful for departments like the HR that aim towards ever-increasing employee retention and job satisfaction.

Transparent office culture

Interactions between teams become far more transparent in open space offices than any other office plan. Many employees report a heightened feeling of equity in open spaces. This is because they can sit right next to managers and supervisors. This aids in better bonds between team-members and cross-department groups working on the same project. 

Elevated flexibility

If productivity takes a dent due to a certain layout, it can easily be replaced. The unmatched levels of flexibility in an open space plan comes with very low risk but high rewards. The company can also make bolder moves in terms of staff requirements because all the extra space can be used to accommodate additional employees. Even if your office is situated in one of the most crowded business districts of the world, open-plan designs can help give it a dignified status.

Improved productivity

With all the extra space, air-flow and an elevated sense of contribution to projects, employees feel more motivated. This can directly contribute to higher overall productivity because after all, a happy employee is more productive than an unhappy one. Although some employees and companies consider open-space offices to be too distracting for their everyday work, the overall consensus stays in favour of this trend, at least so far. Many interior designers and architects appreciate the creative freedom that comes with open-plan workspaces.


Several types of research have suggested that traditional offices with cubicles are not helpful towards productivity. Open-plan workspaces are the next big thing in office interior primarily because they benefit both the employer and employee. The overall design and interiors of the office often have a direct relationship to the productivity and happiness of its employees and open plan offices certainly show a promise in this area. This is also why it is so important to choose your office designs carefully. One of the best methods to do this is approaching your office space from more of a practical and less aesthetic viewpoint.


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    Why Open Plan Workspaces are Trending