Residential interior design is more than an art. It is about designing a comfort space where one finds peace of mind. Resaiki emphasizes creating aesthetic and functional living spaces where you can find your reflection and can see yourself growing a family of self-thoughts, values, routine discipline, interests, and most importantly a living. Be it a modern nuclear family or a traditional big fat Indian family, we have a knack to build, design and decorate accordingly.

Amongst the other well-known home interior designers in Delhi, we are the only ones that have a proper expert team recruited for residential interior design. Not only do we focus on the changing lifestyle of today’s population, but also put to practice the traditional Indian design philosophy in crafting architecture design and curating different utility rooms of Indian households.

Residential Interior Designers in Delhi/NCR

Our proficiency in selecting the colour palette and complementing decors have proved our skills’ efficiency and have qualified us as the best home interior designer in Gurgaon. We, at Resaiki, promise a home that reflects your personality and our work for our clients have set us out as the most promised interior designer in Gurgaon.

One of our founders and the Design Head, Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal is a design prodigy skilled in combining her education with experienced skills and deliver the finest of design processes, methodology and workflow, for projects ranging beyond classic design scale. Her design-lighting-technology integration style has presented her as the top leading home interior designer in Noida.