Lighting Design

In any type of space, whether residential or corporate, exterior or interior appropriate type of lighting is highly important and we at Resaiki understand this fact.

In the interior space, the ambiance could be well adjusted with proper lighting design and they serve to be the key factor in making the correct mood as well. Keeping this fact in mind, we offer different resources of lighting so that the varied needs of our clients are met. For a successful plan of lighting, the knowledge and use of different lighting sources is important and our team of Exterior and Interior lighting designers serve this purpose with upmost level of perfection.

Interior Lighting Services in Delhi NCR

Resaiki boasts itself to be one of a very few Lighting Design firm based out of Delhi NCR (India) offering Exterior and Interior Lighting Design Services to its clients.

The founder of RESAIKI is a certified light designer from the University of Milan (Italy) who specialize in Lighting Design and offers bespoke Lighting Solutions.

For better understanding, there is a difference between a Light Designer and a Lighting Designer. A light designer is the one who designs light fixtures and a lighting designer is the one who can provide best possible solutions pertaining to lighting design based on particular space and its usage.

The concept of lighting is a bit complex and might not be understood by all. The reason for this is that lighting design is something in which lot of consideration is required in terms of light intensity, temperature of light, type of light and its placement, CRI calculations and several other such factors.

If you have been looking for the best lighting Design solutions in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or anywhere in India then your search ends here at Resaiki where team of proficient lighting designers provide best solutions surpassing your expectations.

As the top lighting designer in Delhi/NCR including Mumbai and Nagpur, we can take up all kinds of lighting Design services for:

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Residential Interior Lighting
  • Corporate office Interiors Lighting
  • Restaurants and Bars Lighting
  • Retail Interiors Lighting
  • Institutional Lighting
  • Monuments Lighting

While many interior lighting services providers go by the philosophy “one-size fits all”, our approach to each project is different; we go by the merit of each case.

Our team of Lighting Design professionals at Resaiki always keep in mind the various aspects like type of project, user, footfall, occupant, usage including the overall requirement of the space whether it’s a private building, public building, corporate office, personal residence, guest house, monumental building or large buildings; every solution is unique and have different plan for each and every space. We develop lighting design solutions keeping all these aspects in mind, as our goal is to ensure enhanced usability and appearance of the different spaces in your home or business.

Therefore, it pays to work with our lighting designers to develop the best possible plan based on your specific needs. Ineffective solutions often prove to be expensive in the long run. We do much more than just providing lighting design.