Lighting is a significant part of any space. It plays a key role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambience of interior spaces. At Resaiki, with our expert knowledge of different lighting resources, we provide specific lighting suggestions for every room. We make sure that there is the correct amount of lighting in the room, that is why we study different lighting sources available and curate a lighting plan for the space. Since Resaiki being regarded as the most proficient lighting designer in Delhi, we deliver only the best and our main belief lies in elevating the aura of the space with positive energy.

At Resaiki, our team of light experts are specialized in designing layered lighting taking care of the overall illumination of the space, and setting up different types of lighting to create different effects at different corners that helps in elevation of the theme of the volume, say it residential or commercial. Our professionals evaluate the highlighted purpose of each room and area to make sure that there is adequate and apt lighting to meet the desired intentions of each space.

Interior Lighting Services in Delhi NCR

As the leading lighting designer in Delhi, we have professionals who work upon each space needs in detail with our Founder, Design Head and Lighting Expert, Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal, and create a strong visual impact. She is a renowned lighting designer in Delhi who is known for her sensible designs. When selecting the lighting for your residence or business space, we keep in mind the importance of general lighting techniques to that of the contemporary task lighting methods that accessorize the undertones of the interiors. From placing accurate combinations of lighting features, including it’s intensity, colour tone, sustainability, etc adjacent to the elements and resources in the space, to placing utility lighting at functional areas, we are known for our abilities to add functionality. Our interior design professionals and lighting professionals assist you in developing a home lighting plan that will showcase your style and meet the function of each space.