Resaiki can be seen as a synonym for a world where your ideas and our expertise are combined to create wonders.

Driven by creativity, fulfilling the expectations of our clients, and showing the highest level of commitment to innovative commercial interior design and architecture, Resaiki has embraced collaborations with consultants, design experts and consultants alike.

We understand how important the commercial hubs are and that’s the reason why we pay emphasis on strategically designing our projects in such a manner that they can prove to be a lifeline for your business. Resaiki holds proud in representing itself as one of the leading commercial interior designers in entire Delhi NCR including Meerut and Ghaziabad where professionalism and expertise go hand in hand. With years of experience, our professionals always come up with really appealing commercial spaces that are not just extraordinarily beautiful rather developed considering the specifications of the clients as well.

Best Commercial Interior Designers in Delhi/NCR

We just don’t believe in creating a new or renovating the already existed commercial space; rather we add value to the building or its business. Our professionals work hard to create a working space where you would love to work.

Below is the list of Commercial Interior Design Projects that we undertake:

Corporate Offices

Do you know, an office space that is properly planned and designed can increase your productivity by as high as 72%, which in turn would increase your profits and would result in adding to your happiness index!

We have already proven our capabilities to create office spaces that result in combining the functional, ergonomic and aesthetic components that in turn result in contributing to the productive work environment.

Retail Showrooms

We combine market expertise and branding, with a passion for design and experience in the construction process. At Resaiki, the interiors of retail outlets are designed carefully considering the most important task of taking clients from the first concept to an exclusive interior that helps in client engagement.

Restaurants and Bars

At Resaiki, we are going to prepare the best interiors for your restaurant. The designs created by us, will be matching perfectly the eatery of your choice. Our experts in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida always take into consideration the theme of your restaurant and accordingly offer designing solutions that are simply second to none. We understand, creation of appealing ambiance is crucial in drawing customers and that is the reason why our designs are appreciated!

Institutional Interiors:

Resaiki is by far the best institutional interior designer not only in Delhi/NCR but also in Mumbai, Nagpur and rest of India. The dynamics and demands of both students and the way things have been taught are changing very rapidly in this ever-evolving environment. The institutional design should be such that it is technologically advanced and creates a good learning environment at the same time. Space Planning, Furniture Design, proper Lighting, Color Selection and use of appropriate materials are the key parameters for any school or college interior design.


Beautiful lobbies create an appeal to expect more inside! At Resaiki, we design lobbies taking into consideration all factors including color, furniture, lighting and flooring that result in giving a soothing impact.

Come, witness exclusivity at Resaiki as we feel beauty is something that should be shared!