For any interior design project, procuring the products is a big job by itself. In case the project is of a reasonable size, the whole activity can be a logistical nightmare.

Therefore, this activity can be best managed by a seasoned professional in the field. Being an Interior Design and Architectural company, we also manage Overseas Procurement Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR. While clients concentrate on their core business activities; we make sure that the entire process goes smooth right from identification, selection, price negotiations, payments, logistics till delivery at doorstep.

Managed Procurement Services

May it be furniture, Lights, artefacts, decorative or any other product that can be used in Interiors or architectural projects; we make sure that we bring the latest design trends best from the International Market.

For any individual or business, using managed procurement services for projects helps to save all the three i.e. time, money and effort. In turn, saving all of these translates to an overall cost benefit and hassle free transaction.

Interiors Design and Overseas Procurement Services in Delhi NCR

The sourcing of interior design and architectural materials starts with activities such as identifying suitable suppliers, issuing requests for quotes, issuing relevant purchase orders and inspection of the material at suppliers’ facilities.

How we Serve ?

Our service professionals understand the fact that the demands of every client are different and therefore customize the approach in every case.

Whether the project size is small or large, our team at Resaiki help you to select the interior design product as per the project needs and designs that are trending in International Markets by coordinating with the supplier wrt to size, finishing, specifications and overall look of the finished product. The quotes are received and reviewed, purchase orders are managed, deliveries of supplies are arranged, product inspections are organized and also installations for the same is also coordinated with respective vendors.

With the entire world looking to use greener products, our team is well informed about sustainable materials that have to be used in order to make the earth a more liveable place. Durability and functionality are also on the top of our minds when we do the procurement services for you.

Our executives stay abreast of the latest industry trends so that the client always has the benefit of having the latest designs at their workplaces. As an example, healthcare design trends have moved away from the prosaic simple hospital rooms to places that resemble rooms in a luxury hotel. Therefore we offer best of solutions pertaining to the industry of our clients.

We also review orders and goods for acceptance and do several other related jobs, some of which are listed below in the most general fashion.
  • Periodic review of the project budget
  • Preparation of POs
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment purchase
  • Tracking the POs
  • Coordinate on-time deliveries
  • Supervision of installation in the client’s premises
  • Vendor Liaising
  • Quality Control
  • Inspections