Amazing DIY Interior Decorating Tips To Stylize Your Home

07 Nov

Mismatched paint on walls? Out of the place furniture? Topsy turvy decor? Relax, because we've all been there and here are just the perfect DIY tips and tricks to make your home extra special and super cool. The first and most important trick in the book is to paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter and subtle shades.

This make rooms look bigger in terms of size. Another important point is that the placement of mirrors at strategic places in a room can eliminate the small sized feel of the room and make it appear more open thanks to multiple images forming and providing the illusion of space. Decorative mirrors also fill in the empty spaces on the walls and add new dimensions to the interiors, making them look plush and spacious.

Many purists will insist that old furniture should never be mixed with the new but mixing up patterns and textures can also be magical sometimes. Adding an antique Chippendale desk to the contemporary furniture you have can actually enhance the personality of the room (and the home) rather than making it look unidimensional. Old furniture can easily coexist with the new provided it is tastefully matched and look good with each other. Certainly, placing a chintzy vase with a subtly shaded table can create confusion, but matching that stunning new boho chic sofa with an M.F.Hussain painting can produce remarkable impact. Slip covers are another clever interior decor trick.

Using slip covers is a great way to protect the furniture from dust and accidental spilling of liquids and other substances. Clearly, slip covers provide the perfect way out especially when there are many youngsters in the house who tend to be careless about accidental slippages of food and other particles.

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