8 Creative Ideas for Book Shelf

17 Sep

In this world you will come across a lot of book lovers. You may call them geeks, philosophers, dreamers, etc., and on the other side they might just turn out to be die hard intellectuals. Well one thing that can be associated with a book lover is creativity. No matter what, but these people are full of ideas in their minds. They are sure to have a handsome collection of books with them. It is nice to know that some come up with unique ideas either how to store them or share them. However, among many such idiosyncratic ideas, here are the top eight bookshelf ideas;

1. Colour seems to bring anything to life. Bring down your books together, arrange them according to the respective writers. You can cover each set of books with different coloured papers and place them colour wise in the shelf. This will instantly add a lot of brightness to your bookshelf.

2. Remember the old library shelves. Get yourself an old wooden cupboard. Polish it and stack up your favourite collection into one cupboard. This arrangement should denote a lot of aristocratic style.

3. Why not bring that ladder in the store room to some good use. What I mean here is that you may paint your ladder and place it in the study. Lean it against a wall and arrange the books properly in each step. This style can give a really cool look to your study.

4. Closet!! Set up your own small library. Space out a section of your closet and fill it up with your entire lot of collection. The clean and neat arrangement will invite you to spend an extra hour in your room.

5. Bring some old boards and fix them up against the walls of your room. A lot of your favourite collection can be stacked up neatly up there.

6. The Box shelves can add a dash of abstract design to your study room. Arrange a number of odd sized boxes on top of each other and arrange your books neatly in it.

7. The showcase style. Pull down your mother's old showcase and re-fill the space with your unique collections.

8. Let some benches play the bookshelf role. Stack up some benches and set your books above in an organized manner. Let the coolness spread.

    8 Creative Ideas for Book Shelf