Winter Decoration – Bringing warmth in your home


 “Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for the talk beside the fire: It is time for home”- Edith Sitwell.

A new season is upon us and with it an opportunity to spruce up your home. Let me remind you all how to take the chill out of this winter with the latest interior designing trends.

Soft Textiles: As temperature outside drops bring in some warmth inside your house. Soft fabrics like wool throw, cashmere, flannel and cotton quilts are best choice for winter. Just drape it on sofa and chairs, throw on the bed or rolled up in a basket. This will give you a visual feeling of warmth and comfort which is very satisfying to your senses. Faux fur stools are great for added seating, while sheepskin rugs offer a warm underfoot on wintry days.

Fireplace: What can give more warmth then a fireplace in cold winter days. In India fireplaces are not common in homes as winters are not that harsh like western countries. But if you live in colder states and happen to have one, lucky you!! Fireplace is a great design feature and gives a beautiful focal point and special ambiance to a room. Rearrange your furniture and pull them towards the center of the room facing the hearth to create a cozy gathering spot for winter entertaining.

Bedroom:  Prepare your bedroom for the coming cold days by giving a quick style update. Make layers with textured bedding, Knitted throws and pillows. Turn it to a cozy refuge by adding a soft fur rug and pilling up with lots of pillows to snuggle.

Happy colors: Beat winter blues by incorporating some colors. A bright throw or a boldly patterned pillow will do the trick, and will ensure your neutral spaces don’t look stark and cold. Or you can be a little bold and paint one wall or a focus piece of furniture a deep, rich color like forest green, ruby red and deep orange and gold.

Let in the natural light:  It’s time to maximize the natural light when it’s available as days are shorter during winter. Open the blinds and curtains during the day time. Introduced accents with mirror details and shiny material surfaces so that it cast shine around the home.

Traditional touch: Winter often provokes nostalgic feeling about family gatherings, coming festivities, New Year and home cook meals. Touch up your space with some traditional elements. This is a good time to bring out your grandma’s embroidered stuff or any family heirloom and showcase it. I am sure it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Wood elements: Wood is a natural insulator and a space with wood finishes or accents also gives a warming effect. Flooring and wood panels make more of an impact. However, there are simpler solutions too! Swap out a painting for a reclaimed wood art piece or introduce a rustic wood side table like a natural tree stump to place warm beverages. A simple basket with cut fire logs also gives the feeling of being in a great rustic cottage.

Warm glow lights: Get rid of few of the fluorescent lights and introduced some warm incandescent lights to your home. It is a good time to add accent table and floor lamps in your interior which has a soft warm glow. These lights not only enhance the ambiance but also create a warm cozy atmosphere.

Dress your windows: One of the easiest, most effective and decorative ways of keeping warmth in your home is by insulating your windows with curtains, blinds or shutters. Full length, heavier weight curtains are a great way to keep the cold out and the warmth inside. A full length curtain is particularly effective for draft prone areas, such as behind a front door. It’s also a great way to add a dash of pattern to your hallway! And it’s simple enough to remove the curtain during the warmer summer months.

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