Design & Build Conversion

Modern Residential Development

The love and devotion they had while creating this Mandir in their house was soul stirring! All they wanted was the for their Mandir!!! Well with such faith in us comes as a big pressure and responsibility!!! We made this Mandir with Stone Cladding Backdrop and Mirror on each sides. Also the Platform for the Idols is PU treated so as to avoid any stains on the slab. We got Customized Chandelier and rug. Upholstery is basic and the entire shades and tints are in neutral tones so as the Idols, their clothes (poshaksh and shringar) stands out! We also managed to create a Big Storage space for all the belonging of idols (Mata rani and Thakurji poshakhs and baage) This cupboard too was in neutral tone so that just the Pendant light becomes a focal point.The passage towards the mandir is sooooo inviting!!! With Wooden Sleek Members PU painted and drop lights at the end(of the member) forms an interesting pattern on the wall!! This L Shape wall had a Niche which restructured and placed a mirror so that it add a special depth to the space!