How to make any room feel cozier


Sometimes we all want to cozy up on our couch with our favorite book and a cup of tea or just relax there listening to our favorite music. We always associate a cozy living space with a room with wood burning fireplace, warm and earthy toned furnitures and upholsteries. Basically a cabin in a snowy mountain, kind of place.

But how about for those who prefer a sleek modern design? Do not fret folks!! We can always make a room look cozy, inviting and lived in with the right decorative touches without compromising its modern design.

Let’s start with the obvious ones – pillows, throws and rugs. Fluff up you space with lots of pillows in any color, shape and size. Just drape a throw blanket to your chair and sofa. Put a soft textured rug with an eye catching design. And Voila!!! it will suddenly transform your space and add warmth to any design. The more softer and plush the item, the more you will just want to kick of your shoes and feel it and wrap yourself up in that blanket.

Cozy up the center of your space with a tufted ottoman that doubles with a coffee table and a foot rest. There is something about tufting that makes a space not only cozy but also look expensive. Make a tufted headboard for your bed. Sometimes its all about incorporating textured textiles. You might prefer all white décor and furnishings but using textured fabric will make a space more inviting.

Adding planters – Bring in the nature to your home!!! Plants not only makes a room inviting and cozy but it will brighten your room instantly. Air purifying plants and succulents are your best bet. They are easy to maintain and easy on your pocket.

Nothing will make your space more cozier than a fireplace. You don’t need to have a real one, just buy a portable electric one. If the mantel is sleek metal then paint it with an earthy tone color paint or hang some picture frames around it made of distressed wood.

Add warm tones to the room- This can be done with paint colors, accessories,furnitures & more. Adding wood end tables, coffee table or any kind of wooden décor piece will provide the cozy element.

Sometimes a cozy look results from a few simple touches. And that simple touch is lighting. Lighting plays a major role in transforming a room. A candle burning or a soft glow from a lamp, instantly makes you feel at home. Instead of using only ceiling lights, mix your choice of lighting. Incorporate table lamps or floor lamps which gives you a golden soft glow.

And finally books, it will make your place more lived in. So flaunt your collections, make a small bookshelf in your living room or put some books in your decorative shelves. Books also adds color, texture & sometimes if the book is old, a rustic element to the space.

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