Project Management

We at Resaiki are a renowned name in providing the multifaceted interior as well as architectural services to our clients. We have a specialized team of interior designers, decorators as well as project managers who help in providing the clients with the consulting services on their specified projects. Our Project Management Consultancy services ranges from residential, commercial to corporate interior needs. With an economical consultancy fee we help our clients in designing, Vendor and material supplier, project execution, Vendor and material management, budget and time bound and as well as help them in purchasing services.

As per the requirement of our client we provide time to time advisory as well as consultancy on the ongoing current projects and on the new projects that the client is planning to start. Our team of project managers help in the proper management of our clients through providing knowledge as well as guidance on the aspects of interiors and architecture purposes both for the commercial and also for the residential projects.

We also impart advise to the clients as how they can change the interior as per their requirement, color codes that should be used for interiors , materials that should be incorporated and also the variety of suppliers and which vendors to choose from the list.

Except from the great benefits that we provide under the Project Management Consulting services there are number of factors that are mentioned below and will give you every reason to choose from our services.

Great Expertise: We have an experienced team of dedicated interior designers and project managers that provide great amount of expertise on the projects of the clients. Right from helping the client in selecting a design, searching for the vendor and material supplier, contract negotiations, working on project budget and logistics; our project management staff is there is provide complete consultancy solutions to the client.

Complete Market Research: Being into the market since decades we have great experience in terms of market rates and charges offered by different vendors, material suppliers etc . All the technical help provided by us will help you in carrying out the activity in a great manner.

Discounts: We constantly guide you to check the places where you will be easily able to get the materials at great discounts. Whatever discounts we get on materials and third party service providers are directly passed to the client. Resaiki neither promote nor involve in under-table dealings.

Costing and Improvisation: As it almost takes 3-4 months in order to complete the project, there is a scope of alterations and improvisations during the course of the project on client’s request. Unlike turn-key solutions, the budget of different materials and services can be altered keeping the scope of services and overall price same. The ultimate goal is to achieve and deliver the best.

Project Timelines: We understand the value of time and so our managers are always there to handle the project in a definite scope by being present at the site of the project as and when required. We also give timely reports on the progress of project to the client.