Hallways are the most neglected space on the planet probably we tend to clutter them up shoes, coats, bags-stuff !!!!


Hallways are probably the most neglected place in a house and we often tend to throw all our stuff in there. They are also not the easiest part of the house to decorate as they are often narrow and have long stretches of uninterrupted wall. It is for this reason that deciding on a bold colour for the hallway is rather important. Bold colours would give a much needed definition to the entire area and would draw people’s attention towards it.

Hallways are also the perfect place to experiment with and exhibit your creativity. You could opt for a subtle decor if that’s your thing or decide to go all out and be absolutely daring with it. Also, the great thing about decorating a hallway is the fact that they are mostly the smallest area in the house and are therefore low-commitment and rather easy to transform it completely quickly. Take risks and in case you do not like it, it would not be a big task to start all over again.

You could paint the wall in some bold solid colours like red or even black. Or, you could opt to add some interesting art on the wall in bright colours or add a cool lamp or an antique table. You could also add a huge or a small mirror to the wall depending upon the area which would help in adding depth to the entire area. Rugs, runners and a small couch are a great way to make the area look more presentable.

When you are painting the wall with dark colours, you must remember to add a lot of lights to the wall, ceiling or on the table to make them appear brighter. This would also enhance the entire decor and put the focus on the beautiful decorated hallway which was dull and boring a few days ago.

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