Modern life is high-tech, fast paced & stressful. In is a jungle out there!! I didn’t realize until I became decorating obsessed just how much my surroundings had the power to totally influence my mood.

Most of our days are spent stressing out, we know it shouldn’t, but it does. The larger the business becomes and, the more complex it seems to get. And complexities automatically increase stress. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a calm and beautiful interior. Make your home a relaxation zone with these design fixes. Turning your home into a sanctuary from the always on, always connected world we live in is not only good for your mind; it’s good for your health!! According to MindBodyGreen,” a stressed home can be filled with noise, clutter, and can lack comfortability.”

So here are some other bits I do to create a calm home & happy home…

I Love Green especially green accessories like plants. It adds nature and plants are a great way to make any room feel tranquil & peaceful. Whether you make a statement with a single staghorn fern or scatter jars of wildflowers throughout your home, you can’t go wrong. And keep it in obscure places like kitchen, home office or bathroom to keep the natural vibe alive through & through.

Talking of colors, I love ones that promote serenity & therefore opt for swampy, inky, bottom of the lake type’s hues. You can always add super calming neutral colors that makes the space sumptuous & relaxing, the moment you walk in the door. And there is no wrong or right to calming hues, just choose ones that promote serenity for you.

Some people are scent obsessed, even I am. To some people scent acts as a game changer. It changes the mood, reduces stress. When you walk into a space that is already scented, it makes such a difference, I tell you. You will be all stress free and it will all be relaxing & tantalizing all at the same thing. Keep your home feeling like a spa by using light scented fragrances. Try to use scents that will naturally calm you like lavender or vanilla.

Make an air freshener with your favourite essential oils to create a rejuvenating aroma create a rejuvenating aroma for your home, “says Morrow.



SUNLIGHT is nature’s stress-buster because it positively impacts both physical & metal health. Lift the blinds & it will lift your mood. And yeah if you are lacking in the natural light department, mirrors can be used to brighten up a room, instead.

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