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image001 Make your home summer ready!

Summer-not only is the time to pack away your winter clothes and whip out your shorts and sandals, but it’s a perfect time to take a look at the interior design of your home and redecorate! Western world is crazy about summer but as an Indian who live in Delhi where summer is long and […]

13 What’s new and what’s out – Décor trends of 2018

Is redecorating your home your New Year’s resolution? After studying a lot on famous interior designer’s insights on new trends and looking at the glimpses of beloved Home Brand’s newest collections and spending a considerable amount of time on Pinterest and Instagram, we come up with few key decorating trends, you should consider for your […]

97 Winter Decoration – Bringing warmth in your home

 “Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for the talk beside the fire: It is time for home”- Edith Sitwell. A new season is upon us and with it an opportunity to spruce up your home. Let me remind you all how to take […]

1 Unique Diwali Gifting Ideas

The festival of lights, Diwali is upon us. It’s the time of the year where family and friends heads back home and spreads joy and happiness around them. And what spreads more joy than a well thought out diwali present!! This year lets think out of the box and not just give out the typical […]

4 How to make any room feel cozier

Sometimes we all want to cozy up on our couch with our favorite book and a cup of tea or just relax there listening to our favorite music. We always associate a cozy living space with a room with wood burning fireplace, warm and earthy toned furnitures and upholsteries. Basically a cabin in a snowy […]


Modern life is high-tech, fast paced & stressful. In is a jungle out there!! I didn’t realize until I became decorating obsessed just how much my surroundings had the power to totally influence my mood. Most of our days are spent stressing out, we know it shouldn’t, but it does. The larger the business becomes […]

2 New Home – Quick Tips To Help You Get Started

Firstly I can’t emphasize enough, how your new home should make you feel. For me it is a place I retreat to it is the end of the day, cocooned by the things I love. Decorating a new home takes times and often feels like an overwhelming experience…. Don’t fear, here are the few tips […]

1 Refresh your interiors with Greenery Objects!

Isn’t the Summer season beautiful? It brings everything to life. There is sunshine, light, brightness all around and all we need is some cool and breezy place to enjoy this freshness. Well! It is not possible for us to just head for the beach or to the pool all the time, but we can bring […]

4011a9504115b7e2eaf43e57758ee9d1 Hallways are the most neglected space on the planet probably we tend to clutter them up shoes, coats, bags-stuff !!!!

Hallways are probably the most neglected place in a house and we often tend to throw all our stuff in there. They are also not the easiest part of the house to decorate as they are often narrow and have long stretches of uninterrupted wall. It is for this reason that deciding on a bold […]

download 5 Unique Ideas from Interior Designer For Living Room to use this summer

Individuals nowadays look for designer magazines or some images on Instagram for beautiful spaces. Seeing the images people think that I want my home to be like this or that but behind all the images there is someone’s hard work which make the home look stylish and as per your imagination.  Resaiki is an interior […]