What's new and what's out - D'cor trends of 2018

09 Feb

Is redecorating your home your New Year's resolution? After studying a lot on famous interior designer's insights on new trends and looking at the glimpses of beloved Home Brand's newest collections and spending a considerable amount of time on Pinterest and Instagram, we come up with few key decorating trends, you should consider for your next home improvement project. MAXIMALISM is IN The days of modern minimalism may be nearing an end. Crammed with contrasting prints and patterns, maximalism'marks a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired minimalism that has dominated the design industry in recent years.'In this coming year, think vibrant hues and wild wallpaper prints instead of white and gray shades,'layered rugs'cozying up bare floors, tons of texture and luxe touches of gold.

Whether your decorating style is bohemian, Victorian, or rustic, there are so many ways to go big in your home and bravely embrace the beautiful, cozy chaos that is maximalism. Colors Grey may still be the neutral color choice for many interiors, but bright colours are set to be the in-thing for this year. We're feeling braver with colour choices on both walls and furniture pieces, as sofa colour choices of many home brands have demonstrated. Moody interiors are more popular than ever, too, with brooding violet, burgundy, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2018.

Richer hues throughout your home can make your more muted furnishings and decorative decor pop Metallic accents. The addition of luxe metallic touches is not new, but this year we will be seeing more choices. Rose gold was one of the most used d'cor trend of last year. Beside this metal, this year we are expecting to see more of copper and brass accents. With its red and orange tones and overall earthy hue, copper is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the New Year. Brass is the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic colour palette. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room. Metallic handles and legs are the perfect finishing touches to any furniture to add an extra glam feel. One useful tip is don't go overboard when you design with metallics. Use it sparingly and as accents. Global Influence. Travel always influences interior trends.

Nowadays globalization is everywhere in any field, so designing industry is also not spared. For the past few years we have seen lots of mix and matching different cultures and countries in terms of design. Tropical and Floral Prints. Pinterest and Instagram is flooded with images of bold tropical palm prints and oversized floral designs over the past few months. We also observe Chevron pattern extensively. Be it wallpapers, fabrics, upholstery or even tiles, floral prints are going to be there. This design is not new, we have been seeing it since our grandma's time but designers are using more bolder and eye catching patterns and its going to be everywhere this year. Rustic D'cor Rustic d'cor trend is both popular and timeless and this year it's going to be more popular.

Every interior design that emphasizes on natural, earthy, rugged and organic is the quintessence of rustic. Rustic interiors have an irresistible connection with nature and the past. Being in the arm of nature, we all get a feeling or peace, comfort, and happiness. It is what rustic interior offers. This trend incorporates floral stems, organic designs, and wooden as well as stone elements in the home that bring ultimate hints of outdoors inside. Whether you are planning to revamp your dining room or decorate your bathroom, you can embrace the rustic charm at any corner of your home. Cowhides, linen, jute are very good examples of rustic d'cor fabrics.