Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

26 Aug

Have a glance on some amazing solutions to make your small room look like a bigger one with creativity and elegance mixed up with each other in harmony.

Play smart with colors and lights and you can create illusory world around you. Resaiki has brought for you such a brilliant treasure of ideas that would virtually enlarge the size of your smaller room. All you need to do is to be careful about some minor things before going on with your interior designing.

  1. Color your ceiling or use wallpaper for that and you will get amazed that it will look bigger than before.
  2. Pain your walls with light shades so that the light gets reflected all over giving an illusion of a wider area.
  3. Keep the furniture a bit away from the wall that will make your room look capacious.
  4. Make full use of unseen storage areas or multi-purpose items so as to save on visible space inside your room.
  5. Make storage shelves near the ceiling so that every eye should be drawn upward to see that.
  6. Keep only useful and statement furniture in room. Instead of keeping various small chairs or sofas go for a big single couch.
  7. While choosing on rugs or mats, take the one with stripes as it gives elongated illusion to the room.
  8. Highlight the structure of your shelve by color coding it.
  9. To enhance more depth to your room leave all the windows uncovered.
  10. You can go for decorating your room with dramatic art pieces to make it look bigger.
  11. Adorn your room with Lucite or glass items.
  12. Use few small lamp shades to disseminate the light into the room.