This Festive Season, Advance A Step Towards Pollution Free And Better Environment!

04 Nov

During Diwali festive season, we indulge ourselves in preparations so deeply that we even forget that we are affecting our surroundings in a bad manner with our actions. We do not realize that things we do to enhance our happiness and joy are adding up to the pollution in environment. This momentary happiness results in bad results for our health and environment's health both. Doing this is not wise at all and you won't disagree with this fact. So why shouldn't we think of some better ways to celebrate our favorite festivals.

We can replace our old ways with traditional methods to go with a green Diwali this year. Let's start with the crackers because they are the biggest source of environmental pollution. Loud noise and smoke does no good to anyone, in the contrary they cause severe problems for elderly people and small kids. you can replace crackers with more and more lighting. And in place of buying expensive and pollution causing lights, we can go for diyas. Diyas are eco friendly and look more beautiful than artificial decorative lights.

Diyas can also be used over and over without having to dispose them that also reduces the pollution to a great extent. Doing such little changes, you can bring big differences so do it yourself and encourage the other also. These small steps towards a pollution free environment will form a better future for us, so let's start right away.