Shades for Summer in Interior Designing

06 Apr

Summer has arrived in full swing, we would like to come out of the darkness of winter and surround us with pleasing colors. For summer, there are different interior designs and color ideas that brightens our home and work place.

Sea Blue: Like taking a summer dip in the blue sea, surround yourself with different shades of blue such navy, aqua, teal and ice blue. A room with blue and white color combination in stripes reminds us the beach house or a lake cottage. Make your room color to sea blue or aqua blue will give this effect. You can have the complimentary colors such as red, crisp white and yellow to provide the ambience.

Sunny Yellow: Sunshine expresses the summer in a fantastic way. Sunny yellow color will glow your room with brightness. Mix and match sunny yellow with banana yellow, lemon and honey which enhance the summer color. The accessories can have the accent colors of yellow, green, blue and pink.

Crispy White: The crispy white color reminds us the feeling of ocean breeze. The crispy white color shade in the window allows more light to come in and gives a face lift to your summer.

Fresh Orange: The bright orange give you the feel of fresh cut mango or orange fruit. Different shades of orange like pumpkin and tangerine enhances the room appearance. Some splashes of yellow will give the warmth feeling and little shades of pale pink soften the summer.

Tropical Pink: Get a Caribbean feel by making a shade of soft pink or hot pink to your bungalow walls. For extra brightness, you can have accent colors such as orange or red.

Gorgeous green: Lime, Mint and sage green reminds us the trees, grass and gardens in the outside of the building and have the feeling of nature in your room my making shades o f green of your choice. Shade your accessories with any bold color will compliment your room appearance and gives a good impact.

Purple and Lavender: Get the inspiration of peonies, lilacs and eggplant with the purple and lavender color combination. Yellow and pink colors complement well with these shades.

Robust Reds: Your room gets burst of colors with poppy red or tomato red. Complement by shading your accessories with green or white color goes well.

Refreshing primary colors: Like a beach ball with mixed stripes of red, blue, yellow and green, splash your room with mixes of these color shades in the walls, rugs, flowers, pillows and throws. Mixing some crispy white will make the colors to stand out. Think of the nature with blue sea, green grass lands and colorful flowers. You can bring this awesome nature to your living room by using different shades of colors in your walls, windows and accessories. This gives the brightness of summer in your dwelling place.

    Shades for Summer in Interior Designing