How to make any room feel cozier

19 Aug

Sometimes we all want to cozy up on our couch with our favorite book and a cup of tea or just relax there listening to our favourite music. We always associate a cozy living space with a room with wood burning fireplace, warm and earthy toned furnitures and upholsteries. Basically a cabin in a snowy mountain, kind of place.

Add warm tones to the room- This can be done with paint colors, accessories,furnitures & more. Adding wood end tables, coffee table or any kind of wooden décor piece will provide the cozy element. Sometimes a cozy look results from a few simple touches. And that simple touch is lighting. Lighting plays a major role in transforming a room.

A candle burning or a soft glow from a lamp, instantly makes you feel at home. Instead of using only ceiling lights, mix your choice of lighting. Incorporate table lamps or floor lamps which gives you a golden soft glow. And finally books, it will make your place more lived in. So flaunt your collections, make a small bookshelf in your living room or put some books in your decorative shelves. Books also adds colour, texture & sometimes if the book is old, a rustic element to the space.