How To Decorate And Protect Your Interiors On Holi

05 Mar

DECORATE YOUR INTERIORS: Holi is a vibrant and colorful festival. Bring color and liveliness in your home by decorating your interiors appropriate to the festive mood of Holi.

Here are some ideas and suggestions:

1. Decorate your balconies, staircases, interior walls, exterior walls with bright color Marigold garlands.
2. Replace the old chairs in your living room with multicolored chairs
3. Change the old sofa cushions with bright vivacious ones
4. Decorate the side tables with pictures and sceneries of Holi celebrations and bright color patterns.
5. Give your seats, settees and divan a bright look by covering with colorful, rich pattern covers.
6. Decorate with multi lined, multicolored lights around your house
7. Enhance the interior of your house with new bed sheets and curtains.

Bedeck strings of beads and flowers along the curtain sides to uplift the interior beauty even more 8.Decorate with Vibrant festoons , pops of color with traditional and modern designs, 9.Make stunning wall hangings with fabric patch work, multicolor motifs, crafted paper patterns, hand painted tapestry which gives gorgeous look of your interiors

PROTECT YOUR INTERIORS: The trouble comes when people turn up and enter your home on Holi and leave a mess of colors scattered over the walls and furniture. The best way to stay away and protect from staining your decorative interior from Holi color is prevention.

There are also some safety tips to safeguard your interiors from the color stains of Holi.

1. Apply a coat of anti stain varnish on your interior walls so that the walls are not stained by the colors.
2. Keep all your furniture against the walls so that people will not have close proximity to the walls.
3. Keep those valuable paintings, intricate carvings carpets and rugs in your inner room for the day.
4. Replace your existing curtains with new colorful vibrant shower curtains.
5. Covering all the expensive Furniture items with Plastic transparent cover is a wise way to prevent them from staining.
6. If your furnishings get colored with Holi celebration, no need of worrying. If it is glutal powder, it can be removed by wiping with a clean dry cloth.
7. If your furnishings get stained with liquid color, you have to take serious measures.

The color stains in the Linens and cotton fabrics by using limejuice or curd or potassium permanganate. The bed sheets and curtains stains can be removed by just washing with soap and water. Many spots and stain removing products are available in the market. But be careful to check before using it as it may sometimes bring permanent stains.