Design of a Bachelor Pad in Interior Designing

06 Apr

A bachelor pad is your living place where you can design as you wish. Because it is the place you would like to be relaxed and comfortable. If you want to impress your affectionate ones, then interior designing is essential.To have a well designed place, you need not shell out all of your savings. The three most important items to be noted in the interior designing of the bachelor pad are (1) organization, (2) latest design trends and (3) personality.The environment should keep you and your guests comfortable.

Keep the Area Clean: You may have great things decorating your room, but if the place is not clean with the gross man odor, it would make urgency for the guests to leave your place immediately. Best to engage a cleaner if you find it difficult.

Hide the Cables: You may be having every gadget that man uses, which needs a web or bunch of cables looking clumsy. You can keep your cords hidden and neat using a cable organizer.

Containers and Doors: If you find no time to arrange you shelves, or having a lot of stuff, then buy containers for keeping the books or fix door on the shelves. Keep you interior clean and tidy by placing all your media in the closed shelf. This will reflect the grown up personality

Buy a Sofa: If you do not have sofa, go for a new one. Make you bachelor pad look in the best way by having an attractive sofa. Futons are suitable only for people who do not expect comforts. Manage the need for extra beds during your friends visit with the sleeper sofa or an air mattress and get rid of the futons.

Mix High and Low: When going for shopping pick out things that are of little high quality giving a feeling of home and nor a dorm room. Create depth in your interiors by placing few low cost art pieces. You can splurge on a leather chair, plush rug or a designer piece.

Show your Personality: The bachelor pad should not reveal your guests what you like at the first glance itself. You can choose decorative items which reveal your passions and interest very modestly. If you are passionate to music, make a gallery wall with the covers of favorite albums. If you are tech geek, display a flip alarm clock or vintage radio. If you are passion of travel, throw pillars with pattern from favorite countries.Basically, the interior looks cool and brings curiosity.

In two ways your interior design will perform: First it appears great, secondly, it initiates the conversation for the guests. Elevate your bachelor pad appearance by having metal silverware, ceramic dishes, throw blankets and pillows which add color, style and comfort and do not forget to arrange your bed every day. You mom will also be proud of you!

    Design of a Bachelor Pad in Interior Designing