Decor for a Holiday Home in Interior Designing

25 Apr

A perfect holiday home is a place to spend your week-ends or extended holidays pleasantly. Do the interior d'cor with low maintenance and in a classic way.The interior theme selected should reflect the scenery outdoors.

Coastal area: If your holiday home is at the coast, use light paint shades and colored fabrics. The inner wall art can be done with boats, surfboards and shells. The bathrooms and bed rooms can be decorated by placing the pieces of shell, coral in a bowl or vase. Position the chairs sofas, couches for outdoor view. Let the dining table be flexible to use for indoor and outdoor.

Rainforest: A cottage surrounded by dense trees in a rain forest is an ideal one. The rooms can be decorated in tropical style with ornamental carvings and furniture be made with exotic woods and natural materials like sea grass, cane and water hyacinth. This gives a relaxing and tropical cool feeling. You can also add some tropical plants to decorate your bathrooms and entrances.

Rural area: Let your home looks richer with warmer shades of paint and furniture. Place carpet in the bedrooms and have wooden floor in the dining and living areas. Wall paper and wall paintings of warm tones would suits well to create a relaxed and inviting mood. Use trees, rivers, horses and animals for inner themes in furnishings and art work. The old horse shoes can be hung as a decorative as well as the coat rack, the saddles can be used as a stool.

Get Relaxed Sleep: For designing the bedroom, try to eliminate the clutter at the most so that space will be restful. Have tall boy dressers and under-bed storage which offers the out-of-sight storage. Let the furniture be calm white, and a simple canvas will do. Complement with the colorful flowers, bed linen and cushions. If you are opting to invest for new bed linen then consider the thread count. Higher the count of threads the softer will be the fabric. You can choose 100% cotton or polyester blend cotton for the bed linens.The cotton sheets will be breathy. The polyester blend sheets will not wrinkle and are cheaper.

Reflect the nature: The main aim of building this holiday home is to ensure that it is integrated with natural environment in the surroundings. The outside of the walls are chosen with colors replicating the pine cone seeds and the trees nearby and in the interior let the floors be furnished with unfinished wood and natural materials. Let the furnishings and fixtures are hard wearing for long lasting. The furniture is of easy to clean like leather sofas. Do the ornaments and decorations to a minimum so that it will not collect dust and easy to maintain.