Creating Timeless Interiors

14 Jan

Creating Timeless Interiors

Timeless design has staying power. It is not created to be temporary. It isn’t meant to fade or to be a trend. While creating timeless design for interiors, one should be clear about their decorating style while also considering the similarity in its past, present and future trends. Trends may come and go, but certain elements never go out of style and holding on to those timeless designs is created.Following are some of the elements to follow while designing your timeless home space.

  • Creating a focal point

A strong focal point in any room is a must to have in a space as they’re pleasing to eye as well as give it a place to rest. In some cases, focal points occur naturally either through architectural elements, art works or furniture pieces.

So, while creating your focal point in the space, look around the room and have a sense of where your eye naturally wants to go. Once figured out, start arranging all your furniture around it. But making sure there’s only one focal point in the room, as having more than one focal point can create chaos in the space.

  • Considering symmetry

Symmetry is one of the oldest tricks used in designing history.The human eye is naturally drawn towards symmetry and balance. Symmetrical rooms always are pleasant to look at. To attain symmetry, firstly consider a single focal point and accessorize it in pairs. Or have a single furniture piece or element in the middle and have symmetric accessories on side (or front).

  • Using the right materials

Use of high quality or natural materials for furnishing and décor never goes out of fashion. Incorporating these make your home look timeless and high-end with a natural palette with stone, recycled wood and refurbished leather where soft furnishing should be in natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen.

  • Incorporate technology discreetly

Featuring your electronics in the room can be dangerous as technology dates faster. And one doesn’t want to have dated elements to a timeless interior! Electronics like televisions can be concealed within cabinets or recessed within the walls.

  • Be functional

Timeless design is about functionality and is sensible. When creating a functional space, you see that furniture fits in the room perfectly. There are only the elements you need in your space which makes it timeless and personal as well at the same time

  • Have clean lines

Almost everything times out eventually, but anything which is highly decorated or with intricate detailing goes out of style faster. Simpler designs tend to last longer and remember; you can always repaint or refinish them.

  • Mixing classic with modern

Classic design may sometimes feel a little boring to the eyes. To give your space lively feel, add select modern elements to it. Be it the light fixtures, the furniture or even the art pieces to have a pop of life to our room.

To top of these, have a story to tell through your spaces. Spaces having stories to tell are indeed the most unique and timeless ones!

    Creating Timeless Interiors