Cactus Decor

02 Feb

I personally am a very big admirer of Cactus decoration. They have the enigma that attracts you towards them. They can be a great décor accent for your home. They are low maintenance, low on water consumption, and look appealing wherever you place them. 

If you are décor aficionado, then Cactus décor may very well be your thing. It doesn’t have to be a live plant; you can use them in different forms including but not limited to - wall art, accessories, artificial cactus décor plants, home decoration items etc.  If you love the bohemian and contemporary style interior then cactus decoration is the perfect choice for you.

There are some common questions that people often ask on the subject of cactus decor:

1.    . What are your opinions on this trend of rising of indoor plants in one’s home? And having cactus as a home décor element?

Putting cactus in your house can radiate a positive flow of energy; it’s a good air purifier which can improve your health. According to NASA’s research these houseplants can remove up to 80% of air toxins in 24 hours. Many studies have shown indoor plants are good for concentration, productivity, reducing stress level, boosting your mood, also it can be a source of great pleasure to your eyes and mind.

2.    Have you recommended indoor plants (especially cactus) to any of your clients? If yes, could you elaborate on the example?

Yes, I have recommended it to a lot of clients who want to work on their room interiors, but are a little confused about the “what’s” and “how’s”. Recently, one of my clients who is a working professional and lives independently, asked me some décor tips that are less expensive and low maintenance as she spends most of her time at work. I suggested her, the mug cacti, mall- small mug cactus or small colourful cactus pots, and place them on the study table, bookshelf, and near the windows, they are very convenient to carry, and require very less maintenance and overall give your room a vibrant and positive look. Next thing you know, her insta feed was flooded with the tiny cactus wonders, a sure-fire proof of how much she loved it!

3.    Creative arrangement of cactus

You can use 'mug off' cactus. Drinking coffee in mugs, BORING!! Putting a small cactus in there is a recipe to interior décor success. You can carry them anywhere you want and they look cute on your study table, office table, or any small shelf you want to place them on.

Another ingenious cactus arrangement is the one made with crochets. These small homemade decoration pieces are a quirky and oh-so-adorable option. They require no maintenance at all, you can place them in your bedroom or living room, and they will attract every onlooker’s fancy.

If you like to play with your furniture or prefer something that gives the natural earthy feel, you can use some décor pieces shaped like cactus. Alternatively, you can also go for furniture inspired with cactus design that can be placed in your balcony sitting area, or front porch and you can enjoy a hot cuppa coffee or a casual dinner date amidst your eccentric photo-worthy decor.

4.    Can you suggest unique and creative ways of using cactus prints and accessories in one’s home?

You can design cacti print on your pillow, cushions, or table runners. They will give your home a boho-chic look. If you are throwing a cosy house party, you can add some charming cactus party garlands on the walls, you can even use the cactus decoration on your bed sheet, pillow cover or on a foot rug. You can choose a perfect combo of cactus designs and believe me, they will look both contemporary and amazing at the same time!

Before I go

Decorating the nooks and crannies of your dull and dreary room just got easier and fancier with these creative cactus inspired add-ons. Be it your hand mittens, kitchen cloth, towels, glassware, or kitchen tray; the small cactus prints turn every unexciting object into an adorable décor accent.

These basic ideas are quite easy to implement. Decorating your home in your style is everyone’s dream and I did it in #CactusStyle. If you love the idea of cactus decoration in the home, go on create an elegant and chic interior with these ingenious plants that are not just beautiful but also easy on your pocket!

    Cactus Decor