Art Deco inspired Interior for homes

30 Nov

Sometimes referred to as “Deco”, Art Deco is a famous art style originated in France and inspiring various arts, designs and architecture around the world. The art style took its name, short for Arts Décoratifs, from the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts) held in Paris in 1925.

Art Deco was more associated with a combination of luxury, glamour, ebullience and ultimately the faith in social and technological progress. Having used the most expensive materials with exquisite craftsmanship poured aesthetically into modernistic forms. Be it from product design to automobiles to intricate architecture of prominent buildings around the world, the art style has influenced most part of the world during 1920s and 1930s.

To incorporate the famous art style into your interiors, there are few of considerations to kept in mind, which are as following,

  • Think bold and opulent

Using rich looking materials like brass, chrome, ivory or dark lacquered surfaces with combination of bold contrasting colours like bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks mixed well with silver, black, and chrome. If thinking of softer look, try beiges and creams. It complements the beautifully polished furniture from the period.

  • Incorporate geometric shapes

Focusing on patterns having linear and geometric shapes which include triangular, zigzagged, trapezoidal, and chevron-patterned forms applied on the upholstery and even on walls and the flooring.

  • Go extra with the lighting and accessories

Small elements like fixtures and fittings will make a huge difference too.Using great replica light fittings, door handles, switch panels, and all manner of furnishings resembling art deco period.

Using lights made out of glass and chrome, glass enamelled or etched from the period. Have evocative lighting with different textures and patterns, emitting sophisticated mood. Chandeliers being not too detailed but having angular and geometric shapes with high gloss finish that we associate to Art Deco style.

  • Make it BIG

Mirrors look incredible featured in an art deco style home and art deco style alternatives can be found moderately economically. Fancy mirrors make any room look cleaned and bigger even, do create an impression with one. What's more to do in an art deco style home is playing with prints and fine art for your dividers, alongside close to home discovers like vases and figurines for a completing touch.

  • Don’t forget the flooring

No art deco home is complete without a beautifully patterned set of black and white tiles complementing the straight geometrical deco interiors. These can be incorporated in simple hallways, bathrooms or even an art deco kitchen.

If the budget is small, you can cover the flooring with large rugs having geometrical patterns to spice up the space a lil bit.

  • Bold Furniture

Last but the most vital element of any interior, with everything in art deco interior style, 1920’s furniture was fiercely unique and popular. Curvaceous furniture with smooth lines would look captivating alongside your art deco interior design ideas. With hint of opulent interior style, velvet upholstered arm chairs made out of polished wood would complement your straight lined and geometrical space.

Art Deco furniture tends to be huge in scale so don't be afraid to buy big pieces. Sideboards, armoires and lavishly sized chairs are all typical of the period.

    Art Deco inspired Interior for homes