Interior Design for Well Being

28 Apr

It’s a widely accepted fact that our living space can influence our emotional state of mind in both a negative and positive manner. Where we are and what surrounds us contributes to our moods, emotions and even our daily behaviors. Therefore, it makes sense that interior design and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Following are the ways you can give you home a wellness makeover:

Pay attention to humidity levels: Air humidifiers are one of the most important items in home. It adds moisture back to the air, prevents skin from being dry or dehydrated, reduces the risk of infections and the transmission of viruses and bacteria, and is also great for sinus health.

Comfort above allAesthetic and comfort are equally important and definitely go hand in hand, but there are a couple of things where comfort should definitely be a priority: like with the bed mattress, bedding, and the chairs. Selecting a good mattress is a serious matter, the quality of our sleep can depend on it. The pillows should be tough, but comfortable at the same time. The fabrics should be natural fabrics like cotton or linen for the bedroom.

• Use the power of scent: Various scents can impact the brain in very specific and unique ways. Some of them are invigorating, others are soothing and calming. Some of them can actually bring back memories and truly alter our mood. It’s a simple wellness trick that still has enormous benefits on our mood and wellbeing.

• Pay attention to colors: The power of colors is well-documented and can be factored into the interior design. There are some color trends that are more or les generally accepted neutrals and natural colors are said to be calming, red is stimulating, green is associated with calm and balance, yellow is energizing, blue is cooling, black is dramatic.

<p style="\\&quot;text-align:" justify;\\"="">• The small, finishing touches: The things that transform a space into a home are the personal touches. And that’s true for improving the wellness aspects as well. Find what small things make you happy and calm when you look at them, and then fill your home with them. It could be some personal photographs, a white design bowl with fresh fruit on the kitchen counter or fresh flowers on my coffee table.

    Interior Design for Well Being