Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Rental Space

17 Aug

But at the same time, you can’t alter the space fully according to you. The landlord might not like the changes you make with fixed elements in the space. Also, you might not want to buy heavy furniture for the space as you might want to change your location some time when your lease is over.

Spice up the dull white walls

Or you can try removable wallpapers. Yes, it is a growing new trend in the home décor world! Easy to alter and get exactly the correct fit, these wallpapers are incredible to change a room without making perpetual harm. You don't need to stress if it's something your landlord may objectify on, as I peels right off.

With your landlord’s permission, you can alter the light fixtures in the space with a modern chandelier shifting all the focus in your living room.

Not to forget the part natural lighting plays in spaces. You’re lucky if you get the right amount of sunlight in your space. If not, don’t worry sheer curtains have your back! Add a pair of patterned sheer curtain to your windows and let the light do the play.

Sometimes, the worst part of renting a space is living with quirks you can’t change. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them every day. If your walls and flooring is neutral, add a big rug with splendid colours is a simple chance to define your room. Regardless of whether you have one end to the other floor covering, including an area rug on top characterizes the space — just ensure you anchor the rug with furniture or a non-slip pad underneath to avoid wrinkling as the rug shifts.

Adding indoor plants to a space always brighten up your mood. It is scientifically proven healthy for environment as well. Having quirky planters adds up depth to the space.

Buying heavy furniture for a rental space gets a bit overwhelming. You might want to buy light and easy to assemble furniture for your space.

Maximise Storage

Add shelves for storing daily use items. Creative bookshelves can even brighten up your dull off white walls effectively. And using a trunk as coffee table can do wonders with your storage issues.

Last but not the least; accessorize your rental space to make it feel like home. Add family frames to the walls or use this chance to make up a space to bring out creativity in you.

Accent pillows are the ultimate accessory to your home décor. They can make any room a bedroom or living room lavish with the choice of pattern and fabric. These decorative pillows can even be an aspect of seasonal and holiday décor.

    Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Rental Space