Covid and WorkLife

15 May

The continuous lockdown has changed the way people work, especially in organized sector. Most of the employees have continued work but in a work from home (WFH) setup. Some sectors like the IT are familiar with this concept, but it is a whole new thing for other sectors. For the working class it is an attractive deal as they can save time and money on commute, eat home made food and stay with their family. Even with a lot of perks, WFH has caused people some problems. Here are some tips to ace the WFH 101.

Find The Right Spot: The sofa, bed and dining chair can be your work setup but not for long. It is important that you find a space suitable to work. Invest in the right kind of furniture that is comfortable for you.

Organize: Set up your laptop, notebook, mobile, pens, etc. in place. Organize routine and rules to better your efficiency.

Set a Schedule: Instead of having a vague plan, create your daily schedule before work. If you have children at home or a working spouse, work out the details and chores well in advance.

Communicate: Prioritize communication in work from home. Get in touch with your team and manager. Connect over call or video chat rather than a simple email.

Block People: The biggest problem in WFH setup is the presence of other people in the house and god help you if you live in a joint family. Make some ground rules and let everyone know. Pretend you are not at home while rigid work hours. Use voice cancellation headphones or if you can get your room soundproofed.

Reschedule Distractions: Harmless social media distractions can consume your precious time and kill your productivity. Remove social media extensions and switch off notifications on your mobile phone and laptop.

Break Reminders: Regular breaks are important for mental balance. In office they come in the way of a small chat with colleague, a trip to coffee machine. In WFH, set up alarm for regular breaks for meals, coffee, minor chores or simply to stretch your body a little.

Make Setup Lively: Create a calm atmosphere. Clean your work area and organize the clutter everyday. Use an essential oil diffuser to send some luxurious and rejuvenating scents through the air, or burn sage to boost your energy, mood and brain function.

    Covid and WorkLife