5 Unique Ideas from Interior Designer For Living Room to use this summer

03 May

Individuals nowadays look for designer magazines or some images on Instagram for beautiful spaces. Seeing the images people think that I want my home to be like this or that but behind all the images there is someone's hard work which make the home look stylish and as per your imagination.

Resaiki is an interior designer company providing residential and commercial interior designer services in Delhi-NCR. All the beautiful and stylish home one see in the magazines or in the newspaper or Instagram was a part of the interior designer firm which makes it possible.

Resaiki, today breaks down their 5 unique stylish ideas for the individuals to use in their home living room this summer:

Keep it Symmetrical:

To arrange a space symmetrically, flanking shelves is an effective way. Whether the shelves are behind a sofa, desk, symmetrical space it always grabs attention towards itself and make the living room more splendid then it was.

Opposite Fabrics:

Presently there is a trend to use an unmatched chair in dining table, same can be implemented in the living room to make it impressive. The key of pairing opposites is to match the same size but differing in design styles, if your living room is painted in cream or white then, fabrics in bright orange or mustard green will be perfect for this summer.

Consume space under Living Room Table:

It is a smart way to utilize the unused space under the coffee table, if it has open legs. While utilizing the space, ensure that the space did not look cluttered or disorganized. To utilize the space you can collect some books or throw blanket on a large tray, make the tray much colorful and crisp as possible as creativity works wonders!

Create warmth with Rugs:

Layering rugs is an old fashioned but a stylish trick which creates warmth and depth on the floor, in the summer use one corner of the rug and layers it with a different contrasting colored rug which gives visual impact in the living room.

Don't Forget wall of the space:

Make the gallery wall with oversized artwork and graphic. Make a style of statement with the wall painting! These wall paintings are easily available nowadays on online portals. So, pick bright shades to accentuate space!

    5 Unique Ideas from Interior Designer For Living Room to use this summer