3 Secrets People Who Always Seem to Have a Flawlessly Clean House

17 Sep

A clean house always feels very warm and welcoming. The polished furniture, the sparkling floor, the entire look is a treat to the eye. So what is the secret behind this? We all know the common thought that strikes our mind, maids doing the chores, spending a lot of time dusting, cleaning every day and so on. Well, not really. The interior decoration can play the clean king or queen here. Follow the three rules to convert your house and give it a new avatar all together.

1. Organization - Firstly, analyse the size of the house and it should be designed accordingly in an extremely organized manner. The decorative items, the furniture, the lights all have a say in representing a house. Therefore, if they are placed correctly on the right place, they are ready to show their magic.

2. Setting - Sort out the easy and difficult tasks. It is always easier to set up a house with less, but just the right' stuffs. Each room shall demand its requirement. Hence, get the basics in (sofa, dewan, table, carpet, show case, dining table, bed, cupboard, etc) and the not so important' out (small stools, extra lamps, boxes, etc). Place them beautifully so that it complements the designated area.

3. Play the decor trick - It is impossible to clean a house on a daily basis. Therefore, pick up things that take the minimum time to clean. Opt for large paintings, pots and statues as decorative item; choose little darker shades of furniture and curtains that look magnanimous as well as classy. It is always easy to dust off and clean a plain elegant piece than a deeply carved sculpture. Thus, the daily 10 minutes of dusting and cleaning will save up many lost hours later.

    3 Secrets People Who Always Seem to Have a Flawlessly Clean House