10 Brilliant ideas for cosy interiors during winters

21 Jan

Winter bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail During winters, it gets so cold that even while sitting at our home we feel as if we are freezing. Decked up under sweater, muffler, gloves and ear muff we still feel something is missing that is making us still feel cold. We forget to deck our surroundings up for winters.

Here are 10 brilliant ideas for cosy interiors during winters:

1) Fireplace- What can be more soothing than a fire lighted up in a corner of your house which is keeping you warm. Decorate your fireplace with winter theme to make it look even more graceful.

2) Chandelier- Give a cosy touch to your room with an exclusive suspension lamp or a chandelier hanging down your ceiling, adding to the tone of your home decor.

3) Insulate- Check all the windows and doors at your home before or during winters for any leaks for it may lead your interiors to be way more chilly than it should be. If found, redecorate your home with classy and proper windows and doors and add some window curtains and blinds to reduce the loss of heat. Insulate in any manner you can.

4) Wood- Wood has an undeniable warmth and is one of the sturdy material available. For this winter, give your home a woody look and decorate your interior by adding some tables, cabinets or coffee tables made of natural wood.

5) Warm colour- Many of us feel that getting warm colour paints for our home is the best way to beat the season. This is one of the most cost effective measure to take for a cosy winter set-up. Re-painting the house does not burn a hole in the pocket and gives a different and new look.

6) Candles- Candles, candles everywhere. Illuminating you room, they would look amazing and would provide some warmth to your surroundings till the time you cant get your fireplace ready. Rustic candles, luminary or gel candles etc, they all will add up warming glow to your room.

7) Rugs- Place plush rugs almost everywhere in the home. Add few lovely rugs that will not only help to keep your feet warm, but would looking elegant and lovely. Plush rugs are ideal for homes having tiled or marble flooring.

8) Innovative- Try something different. Get a bench for your living room and support it with a Cosy Upholstered Wall. Not only will it be comfortable but it will bring colour and character to your surroundings.

9) Shades- Add simple shades that can be pulled all the way down provides some buffer from the wind. It becomes one of the ideal ways to sit in your outdoor living area. Simple colours also soothe eyes and this becomes one of the best set ups where you can read or have discussions over coffee.

10) Patio string lights- Illuminate your outer sitting area by hanging some patio string lights under the umbrella or the roof above the table outside. Hang lanterns or electric candles which will add charm to your home. These are some of the brilliant ideas for cozy interiors during winters.

You can always get in touch with top interior designers and give an amazing touch to your home.